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14/14 Siege of Orgimmar (Normal)
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How to apply to the guild
Hey there! When you apply to the guild, we'll accept you as a member of the guild at first (On the website) After you've been accepted as a member on the website, you can go fill out the application formula to become a raider of the guild. After you've filled out and posted your application formula as described under this piece of text. We'll read and evaluate your application and decide whether or not we need you for our raid team :)
If you're a social in the guild and you just want to stay social for now and stay active on the website, that's totally fine and you do not have to post an additional application to become a raider before/if you decide you'd like to join us later on :)

When you apply to the guild, you have to do so through the forums, in there you will find an application form to use. If you do not do this, we will not consider your efforts an application. 

It is also of importance that you're logged into your GuildPortal account in order for you to be able to make a new topic in the forum. If you don't have a user, you can create one here.
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Morchok HC - Psychosocial (old guild)

Fluffthewhat, Jun 4, 13 11:13 AM.

And.. we're recruiting!

Fluffthewhat, Jun 3, 13 1:40 PM.
Take a look on the right hand side to see if we need your class/spec to bolster our raiding roster!

Welcome to the guildpage of Morior Invictus

Fluffthewhat, Jun 3, 13 12:45 PM.
Currently recruiting for our raiding team! 
Website is being set up!

P/M me if you have any questions!
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